Family Feasts

If you'd like to cook something simple, healthy and packed full of real flavour you've come to the right place. Here you'll find a huge selection of tasty recipes all provided by SuperValu customers just like you – as well as some of Ireland's top chefs.

Cakes & Desserts

Remember when you were little, helping your mum to bake cakes in the kitchen – that sense of anticipation as the mix went into the oven. Great wasn't it? Well, it's time to get those oven gloves on and get that feeling back. Below are some simple, delicious cake and dessert recipes for you to try your hand at. You might be surprised at how good a baker you've grown up to be!
  • Recipe My Dad’s Amazing Baked Apples by Clodagh McKenna
    When I was growing up my Dad used to come home at lunchtime to prepare our dinner. Even though we were on a tight budget he would always manage to prepare a delicious dinner and dessert. This is one of my favourite desserts that he would make.
  • Recipe Tasty Rock Buns by Clodagh McKenna
    My mother used to make these every Saturday morning when we were young, the smell of baking used to waft through the house and would rise us from our beds faster than any alarm clock!
  • Recipe Hummus by Clodagh McKenna
    Great served as a dip with lots of seasonal vegetables sliced up and served raw or also as a filler for a toasted pitta.
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